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**Breaking News**


Holy Trinity College are delighted to announce, that the Planning Application for their new School Build, was approved yesterday evening at the Mid-Ulster Council Planning Meeting.  The news couldn’t have arrived at a better time given the current pandemic and it will be extremely reassuring to our pupils, staff, parents and our wider community.  As the biggest and most far reaching project in the College’s history, the new school upon completion, will provide pupils with ‘state of the art’ facilities and resources, thereby continuing to provide a first class, quality education for our children and for future generations, within a modern, inspiring and innovative bespoke learning environment.


In moving forward, the developed design is well under way and already, Stage 1 Procurement has enabled a number of contractors to be assessed in order to provide a select list to proceed to tender to construct the new school. 


This complex school project has a very simple aim: to provide the best possible accommodation incorporating innovative and industry standard facilities, to enable current and future pupils to achieve to their true potential academically, vocationally, emotionally and socially.


We now have one final opportunity to get this right and ensure that Catholic post-primary education in Cookstown will be transformed to new heights.  We thank everyone for their support to date.

Holy Trinity College 9-29 Chapel Street Cookstown / email: info@holytrinityc.cookstown.ni.sch.uk

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