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Week 4

Week 4 – Friday 18th September 2020

Well done to Year 8 who completed their CAT Assessments on Monday in order to determine their KS3 potential. Preparation is key on our part to ensuring the computer based tests operate smoothly, so a huge thanks to Mr O’ Donnell, Mrs Mc Elhatton and relevant Staff for your contributions in this area.

Regrettably there are no extra-curricular activities yet due to Covid restrictions, but with the brilliant weather this week, many class sporting activities occurred outside in the fresh air. Table tennis and Handball are also proving very popular during break and lunchtime. It is wonderful to see so many pupils participating in all the different aspects of Sport which the College has on offer.

We await the outcome of the CCEA Consultation re Exam specifications. This is quite an intense year for pupils in Years 12 and 14 and whilst the consultation indicates that some units are reduced in a number of subjects, there are still concerns re English and Maths. Yes, they are core subjects and always under scrutiny, but the fact that Year 12 may have to repeat their Year 11 Exams in January followed by Year 12 Exams in May, is quite concerning and a daunting task for our pupils.

On reflecting on the past four weeks, I wish to commend our young people in how well they have adapted. Change is good and certainly always happens at the start of a new school year in September – but this year has been so different compared to any other! We will continue to monitor, review and tweak our procedures as necessary but the priority will continue to be the safety of our pupils and staff.

Today was a Staff Day and everyone worked extremely hard in finalising Term 1 work for online access. As a school, we are well prepared with subject lessons and associated videos ready to go live on Google Classroom, should any pupil not be in school or has to self-isolate.

Please note that all school communication is via the school Parent App. If you haven’t already signed up to the App, it is important that you contact the College (028 8676 2420) and provide your email address to be invited to join.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns with regard to your child’s progress. Thank you all for your support to date.

Have a great weekend

Isabel Russell

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