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Week 4

Week 4 – Friday 24th September 2021

There is such an air of excitement in the College at present as we return to a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

The Agriculture Club has restarted with a brilliant wee group of Year 8 pupils planting wildflowers in parish grounds beside our allotments. It is great to have these skills which pupils can then use at home as well.

Guitar tuition has also commenced alongside the STEM Club. There are numerous sport meetings occurring to organise teams, extra subject revision classes after school and rewards galore. It is such a joy to see so many of our girls and boys taking part in all these activities.

I had the privilege of meeting with our Head Girl, Kerrie and Head Boy, Blaine and their respective Deputies this week to elicit their views on school issues. What an articulate group they are! Their leadership and communication skills were so evident – they are shining stars of the future!.

Year 9 & 10 returned to Nurture Provision this week and we look forward to Year 8 commencing after Halloween. This provision is so necessary for the wellbeing of many of our younger pupils, who already face so many other challenges in their young lives before they are ready to engage in learning. The work which our Nurture Team carry out is invaluable.

And that’s it, folks – another week over. Don’t forget – Assessment Week begins on 11th October - start your revision now!

Have a great weekend

Isabel Russell


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