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Week 4

Week 4: Friday 30th September 2022

Hi there

The last day of September already! Where is the time going to? Students and staff are working hard in the classroom and quite a number of extra-curricular activities are already on the go.

Year 8 are excelling and our Secret Student Initiative has restarted – one lucky pupil from each Form Class secretly caught as they carry out a good deed/help others/are supportive to their fellow peers – absolutely fantastic. Year 8 were also looking swell as they prepared themselves to have their individual photographs taken for our school system – loads of smiles that day!

We continued our drive to raise awareness re recycling, climate change and looking after our environment. It takes everyone to make an effort here.

Congratulations to the U-16 Girls who had a hard fought win over St Louis Ballymena – well done – some fantastic footballers on this Team – they will go far!

Selected Year 9 pupils continue to engage with our Nurture Provision and we look forward to Year 8 commencing after Halloween. This provision is so necessary for the wellbeing of many of our younger pupils, who already face so many other challenges in their young lives before they are ready to engage in learning. The work which our Nurture Team carry out is invaluable.

And that’s it, folks – another week over. Don’t forget – Assessment Week begins on 17th October - start your revision now!

Have a great weekend

Isabel Russell


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