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Week 26

Week 26 – Wednesday 16th March 2022

Hi there

A much shorter week as we prepare to celebrate our national saint, St Patrick. There has been a number of activities running in the College eg Irish dancing, Seachtain na Gaeilge, Irish Traditional Music – so lots of opportunities to celebrate our Irish culture.

After filling boxes upon boxes of blankets, clothes, baby foods, medicines and so on, we finally packed all into 2 containers and today, they are ready to be transported to Ukraine on Saturday. Whilst we appreciate and marvel at the amazing generosity of our whole community, we extend our thanks to past pupil Noel Rafferty and co-driver Mark Mc Cann who will make this very long journey early on Saturday morning. We wish Noel and Mark a very safe journey to Poland/Ukraine border and back, and hope to be updated on their way.

Year 9 and Year 11 Boys played some very good football this week and whilst they were not winners in their respective matches, they still performed well on the field - true sportsmen.

Holy Trinity College is closed to pupils on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th for St. Patrick’s weekend.

Wishing you all a lovely relaxing and safe St Patrick’s Weekend

Isabel Russell

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