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Week 27

Week 27 –Thursday 1st April 2021

Hi Everyone!

We have reached the end of Term 2 - quite a different term from normal and with Covid restrictions still in place.

I really want to congratulate Years 12 – 14 since their return to school on Monday 22 March. The Senior students have been fantastic in complying with Health & Safety arrangements in place and especially the wearing of Face coverings in the classroom – well done everyone! The students’ return to face to face teaching has been very smooth and they have been so well engaged in their class work.

Years 8 – 11 continued to engage in Remote learning at home this week as well. You’ll be delighted to know it has come to an end and we so look forward to seeing you on Monday 12 April after the Easter Break. I simply want to thank you, your parents/guardians and staff, for the wonderful work which everyone achieved during this term. Be proud of yourself. It wasn’t an easy road for many - but we have got to the end of it now and a sense of normality is ensuing.

Today, staff engaged in finalising preparation work for Centre Determined Grades. For Exam Groups, we know there is work to be covered and assessments to be completed. We want to give you the best opportunity to shine, therefore Assessment Blocks will be held as late as possible. We also need you to make the most of your time left with us and you can be sure, that Staff will continue to work hard on your behalf to ensure that you reach your potential and are well prepared for the next stage of your education. Key Information has been placed in the booklet notified to parents/guardians today and on the Website: Parent and Pupil Guide to a Return to School 12 April 2021 re Return to School on 12 April.

Year 14 also engaged in Business Interviews yesterday – this was a great opportunity to prepare these students for their future pathways.

The Lateral Flow Tests worked well last Sunday evening - no positive cases recorded amongst staff or pupils. The next Test should be held on Sunday 11 April for your return to school.

Thank you to everyone within our school community for your support during this Term. I wish you and your family, a very safe, enjoyable and holy Easter Break.

Isabel Russell

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