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Week 20

Week 20 – Friday 5th February 2021

Hello there!

What a busy and productive week for Year 10. A huge thank you to those who have submitted their Year 10 Options – this enables us to forward plan for September. It is not an easy decision to select a few subjects when you are performing well in a range of subjects, but this is where you can personalise your learning for next September. Selecting those subjects which are key for your future pathway is extremely important and please don’t be swayed by what your friend has selected. Their subjects may not interest you at all!. I particularly wish to thank Mrs Mc Donald for coordinating the Options process, the Heads of Department for preparing their virtual presentations, the Careers Department for their ongoing advice and to Conor for placing the work on the Website. One advantage this year was that the presentations are available for you to dip in and out of in order to make subject choices. Parents / Guardians, thank you for continuing to support your child in making these important decisions.

We received beautiful pictures of the ‘St Brigid’s Cross’ which were made on Monday. Thank you for forwarding these. I know you will be proud to display the Cross in your homes.

Year 12 have an important task this week – to vote for their Leavers’ Top. I am so looking forward to the final design.

This week we received from the Education Minister, guidance on the awarding of CCEA Exam qualifications 2021. Instead of Exams for Years 11 – 14, it will be Centre Determined Grades instead. We are still awaiting the process with regard to subject evidence required for the Final Grades but as soon as we know, we will certainly inform you.

The PE Department continue to drive Health and Well-Being, and Physical Activity. Do make a point of getting away from your computer or mobile for even half an hour and getting out into the fresh air for a walk or run. It will totally boost your energy levels!

Congratulations also to Luke, Conor, Dillon, Meadhbh, Ava-Rose, Jamie, Jennifer and Honey who completed brilliant work in Maths to be awarded the title ‘HTC Maths Pupils of the Week’. Well done everyone - and, don’t forget - check out our Facebook to see the great work being completed by many of our pupils in a range of subjects – super work! Another area of interest is the Maths Clinic – what a brilliant idea to make every lesson count!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

Isabel Russell

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