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Week 19

Week 19 – Friday 29th January 2021

Hi Everyone

January has come and is almost gone, and it’s great to see the evenings are a little brighter – can’t say the same for the mornings yet but it will happen.

This week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week with the theme ‘Communities of Faith and Resilience.’ Whilst not able to promote these aspects live in School Assemblies, Form Teachers referred to the theme in their daily messages to Form Classes.

I made a serious error in not acknowledging in last week’s Blog, the terrific success of Year 11 DA and Year 12 SA Science students. Well done everyone – to have achieved such fantastic results from your November GCSE modules, demonstrates what a truly exceptional group of students you are. You have had to adapt to so many changes in routine and very little face to face teaching, yet you managed to achieve outstanding results. We are so proud of you and with these results, you will have a bright future ahead. Congratulations boys and girls, and also to your Science teachers who have done a terrific job as well!

Even though you are working on them remotely, I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of the Year 12 and Year 14 Leavers Tops. Good luck with the final designs.

Congratulations also to Holly G, Corey, Erin, Orlagh, Holly C, Darragh, Eimear and Holly H who completed brilliant work in Maths and were named HTC Maths Pupils of the week. And, don’t forget to check out our Facebook to see the great work being completed by many of our pupils in a range of subjects – absolutely fantastic!

Bye for now and stay safe.

Isabel Russell

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