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Week 17

Week 17 – Friday 7th January 2022

Happy 2022!

Welcome back to Term 2 and my goodness, there has been some media speculation whether schools should fully return this Term or not. A phased return of Year Groups, meant that we were able to prepare in advance should there be staff absences upon our return. Sadly today, we are aware that there will be staff shortages next week and we will have to consider remote learning for some Year Groups.

Health & safety mitigations are in place and we emphasise how important these are. Key is that of face coverings. We appreciate the full support of pupils, parents and staff in adhering to these mitigations. CO2 monitors are also in place. Pupils are encouraged to go outside at break and lunchtime. Whilst the weather is a little colder, please wear warm clothes under your shirt/blouse. Hooded jumpers are not acceptable replacements for school jumper or blazers and sadly a small number of pupils are doing this. Parents, please remind your son/daughter of our uniform requirements. Bright coloured hooded tops are not acceptable, so no pupil should be offended when they are asked to remove them during the school day.

Whilst we welcomed back our pupils we also reminded them of our key expectations:

Be Respectful Be a Learner

Be Responsible Be Safe

Pupils are working well and I am very proud of their efforts. Keep up this great work and especially for Applied Exams commencing next week for Years 11 – 14.

Like every day and every week, this Term will move along quite quickly too. We will keep you updated on our Website, Facebook and through my weekly Blog so that you know what is happening. And don’t forget about our Parent App – if you’re not already on it, forward us your email and we’ll soon get you logged on!

Look after yourselves and take care.

Isabel Russell

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