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Week 10

Friday 17th November 2023

Hello Everyone

Across schools, Anti-Bullying Week was celebrated with the theme ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’, something we all should do if we believe someone is being bullied. Our young people need to be encouraged to speak out about bullying, be that to a trusted adult or reaching out to another person who is being bullied. The key message is: Speak up; Be Supportive; Tell a trusted Adult

The definition of Bullying is: “The repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online”. Let’s not do this to each other!.

It was another busy week in the life of Holy Trinity College!. Exam students completed GCSE Modular Exams in Science and English, but there’s more to be done next week including Maths. Year 11 also sat their first GCSE Modular Exam – they have worked so hard since the beginning of September and were buzzing when they completed their Biology Double Award Science paper. Good luck to everyone and we hope you get the results you well and truly deserve.

The Scholastic Book Fair was in full flow this week with many pupils buying a wide range of books for themselves or possibly, as Christmas presents. Reading is such a joy.

Year 8 had their Health Appraisals; Year 13 / 14 attended a talk about Social Work whilst 9 SMY secured a great opportunity to speak with the President of INTO, Dorothy Mc Ginley, about sustainability within the Global Schools Project. On top of that, we had the draw for 44 lucky pupils to be selected for the London trip at Break Time today – what an experience they will have!

Round 1 of Group C of the MacRory Cup got underway today, but sadly, the HTC Team lost by 3 points to St Joseph’s Donaghmore. Weather conditions were not great but we’ll have to regroup and see what needs to be looked at for the next match.

Our school community joined together on Wednesday evening to celebrate Mass with Year 8 in Holy Trinity Church. The Mass itself was lovely, very reverent, and Year 8 were outstanding in their contributions to the liturgy and participating throughout the Mass. Well done to everyone involved especially Miss Rafferty Head of Year 8, Year 8 Form Teachers, and the RE & Music Departments.

And we acknowledge the Industrial Action which occurred yesterday by a number of Trade Unions in support of fair pay, working conditions, Job evaluations etc. We need positive steps to improve this situation.

Bye for now and have a lovely relaxing weekend.

Isabel Russell



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