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Week 1

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Friday 8th September 2023

Hello Everyone!

It is with great delight that I welcome everyone back to the new academic Year in Holy Trinity College. The Summer holidays are well and truly over, and I hope you managed to relax and have quality time with your family. We hope this year will be a happy and positive year, and one where we can continue to celebrate the great achievements of our young people. Another exciting year has begun!

But first, a quick recap of a very busy Summer. Our school build is well and truly out of the ground – this is fantastic to see and provides so much future hope for what is to come!

2 x Summer Schemes with lots of activities have helped our pupils to settle into the College - not only for Year 8 but also for Primaries 5 & 6 so that they become familiar with their future post-primary school

And of course, we had brilliant A Level & GCSE results!

We are so proud of our fantastic girls and boys who worked so hard to achieve incredible results in their A Level and GCSE Exams. The last year was challenging for them as all Exams were required, but the students kept their focus and determination, and their hard work paid off. Well done girls and boys but also our super staff who supported you so well and your parents/guardians who encouraged you along the way. Success richly deserved.

And that’s not all – the Music Department is in full swing with rehearsals for our forthcoming production ‘Calamity Jane’.  Honestly, it never stops in HTC!


It is great to have our corridors full of young people and to hear their voices again in the classroom and outside. That is what school is about! It is so good to be back and reignite that passion for learning with everyone looking so smart in their uniforms too and ready to learn.

The year ahead is going to be very busy; there will be pressure on Exam Groups; the well-being of our pupils and staff will be a priority; relationship building will be key - with our peers, our teachers and support staff; consistency in procedures and high expectations; ensuring progress continues with our new school build; and reigniting the passion for learning will be essential.


I wish our school community a happy and fulfilling year at school.  We expect our pupils to be respectful; to be safe; to be responsible; and to be a learner. Work hard and enjoy your success!


It’s great to be back again and by writing this Blog, I hope to give you a weekly flavour of what is in store throughout the year.  Be sure to join us for an insight into the daily hustle and bustle of life within!


Have a great year, Holy Trinity College  



Isabel Russell


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