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summer scheme


Our school is unique in providing a Summer Scheme for the new pupils transferring to our school.  The aim of this scheme is to ensure that the child has a stress free transition from primary to secondary school. The purpose of the Summer Scheme is to take away any worry from both the parents and pupils. Each year we have a range of external agencies

working with the College in a range of activities.  This scheme has fun and active workshops which are both sporting and non-sporting,

curriculum based, team bonding and have links with the Youth Resource Centre. Some of the extensive range of activities last year were:

Teenage Yoga, Clay modelling, Dance, Balloon making, ICT, LRC, Canoeing, and a range of sporting activities for everyone.

The scheme is an opportunity for our new pupils to mix and familiarise themselves with their year group and the school building. It gives time for friendships to be created and allows our new intake to become familiar with a number of teaching staff and senior pupils.  This prepares them even more so for their first day with us at Holy Trinity College.


The date of our Summer scheme for 2023 will be confirmed very soon.

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