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Summer Scheme


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While we at Holy Trinity College are incredibly excited about our upcoming newbuild, we feel it is the perfect time to help others in a much less fortunate position than us experience something similar. 

Thanks to anyone that has helped us so far on our fundraising mission to aid our trip. We look forward to telling you all about it. 

In March 2024, a group of 16 students and 3 members of staff from Holy Trinity College will travel with members of the Spirit of Paul McGirr group to Lusaka in Zambia. The purpose of the trip is to partake in volunteer work within a secondary school that the Spirit of Paul McGirr group is currently constructing. 
The Spirit of Paul McGirr works with the Chainda community in Lusaka to design, fund and construct buildings which create safe spaces that enable community members to realise their full potential. To date the charity has been involved in building and maintaining schools for: children up to 16 years old with special educational needs; a preschool for orphaned children and a primary school. The current project is a secondary school, which will provide a pathway for children in the local community to progress through all stages of statutory education.




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