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The Board of Governors draws up the admissions criteria and delegates to an Admissions Sub-Committee, which includes the Principal, the responsibility for applying the criteria.  Any reference herein to the term Board of Governors includes any Committee or Sub-Committee appointed by the Board of Governors for the purposes of applying the Admission Criteria set out herein.


Admission Criteria – For Year 8 Pupils – 2019/2020


In the event that there are more applicants than places available the Board of Governors will apply the following criteria to determine which children will be selected for admission.  In the event of over-subscription in the case of the first or subsequent criteria the next criterion will be applied in order.


A) Pupils residing within the contributory parishes of (in no order of preference) Ardboe, Ballinderry, Coagh, Clonoe, Cookstown, Drummullan, Greencastle, Kildress, Lissan, Moneymore, Pomeroy and Stewartstown.


B) Children who attend the following Primary Schools (in no order of preference):


Holy Trinity Primary School, Cookstown                                    Derrychrin Primary School, Cookstown

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Greencastle                      Lissan Primary School

Sacred Heart Primary School, Rock                                          Phoenix Integrated Primary School, Cookstown

St Brigid’s Primary School, Brocagh                                          St. Joseph’s Primary School, Killeenan

St Malachy’s Primary School, Drummullan                                 St Mary’s Primary School, Dunamore

St Mary’s Primary School, Pomeroy                                          St Mary’s Primary School, Stewartstown

St Patrick’s Primary School, Moneymore                                   St Patrick’s Primary School, Mullinahoe

St Peter’s Primary School, Moortown                                        Gaelscoil Eoghain, Cookstown   


C) Children who have brothers/sisters, half-brothers/sisters enrolled or previously enrolled in the College.


D) Children who are the eldest in the family.


E) Pupils whose Transfer Form expresses a first preference for Holy Trinity College.


F) Child of a staff member.


G) Other pupils ranked in the order of date of birth i.e. oldest first and youngest last.  In the event of two or more children having same date of birth, priority will be given to candidates according to where the first letter of their surname places them on a random order scale as stated below.


M  B  L  C  R  S  E  N  T  D  F  Y  I  J  X  K  O  Z  A  U  H  Q  V  W  G  P  


Duty to Verify


The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any Application Form/Transfer Form.


The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set by the school can result in the withdrawal of a place and the inability to offer a place on the part of any school nominated on the applicant’s Transfer Form.





Admission Criteria – For Years 9 to 12 Pupils – 2019/2020


Pupils will be considered for enrolment providing that their admission


(a)  would not cause the school to exceed its enrolment number as determined by Department of Education;


(b)  would not prejudice, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, efficient use of the school’s resources (e.g. numbers in a particular band or option set.)


It is the responsibility of the Admissions Sub-committee, which includes the Principal, to consider all applications for admissions.


An application for admission to Years 9-12 should be submitted to the Principal for consideration.  Applicants must provide sufficient information at the time of application to allow the admission criteria to be fairly applied. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, then the admission criteria to Year 8 will be applied.  Application to attend Holy Trinity College is interpreted by the Board of Governors as an indication that the parents/guardians and the child are in acceptance of all school rules and regulations.  Incorrect information may lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a place.


Admission Criteria – For Year 13 Pupils – 2019/2020


1.    Students attending Holy Trinity College and who meet the minimum criteria below have priority over all other applicants.


(a)  Six GCSEs or more at Grade C or above for entry to ‘A’ Level courses.

(b)  Four GCSEs or more at Grade C or above for entry to applied courses.


Additionally, students who wish to study academic subjects at A Level may be required to have achieved Grades A* - B in the relevant GCSE subject.


2.    All applicants seeking admission to Year 13 must provide satisfactory reports from their Head of Year in relation to attendance, conduct, punctuality and application to study.


3.    If there are more applicants than the number of places available in the year group or chosen subject group(s),  priority will be given to students presently attending Holy Trinity College.


4.    Students who have not obtained a Grade C or above in GCSE English or Maths will be required to repeat those subjects.


Criteria for any extra places made available by the Department of Education for admission into Year 13.


The Department of Education (DE) may, on request, increase the number of pupils that the school can admit to its Year 13.  Places that become available in this way shall be allocated only to pupils who meet the basic eligibility criteria for sixth form study and shall be allocated in the order determined by the criteria to be applied in the order set down.


  1. Pupils who have most recently completed Year 12 in Holy Trinity College.     

  2. Pupils from other schools where admission to an extra place at Holy Trinity College has been agreed by the Department of Education.*


*Parents should note how the Department of Education will, in response to the school’s request, increase the school’s enrolment number in order to allow an extra Post 16 pupil to enrol.  DE will first check whether there is another school or schools of a type suitable for that pupil within an hour’s journey of where the pupil lives.  If there is, DE will then check whether this other school or schools may provide all of the Post 16 courses that the pupil wishes to pursue.  If these checks find that no other suitable school may provide all of the Post 16 courses that the pupil wishes to pursue – then DE will agree a school’s request for an extra place.



What is a school of a type that is suitable for a pupil?

To determine this DE first considers all schools to be one of 4 types:  (i) denominational, (ii) non-denominational,

(iii) integrated and (iv) Irish-medium.  A school requesting an extra place for a Post 16 pupil will belong to one of these 4 types and DE will consider any other school or schools from this same type as suitable for the pupil.  DE will also consider as suitable for the pupil any school from the same type as the type of school that the pupil attended in Year 12.

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