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Choosing the right school for your child is a significant milestone in their lives but we believe Holy Trinity College is the right school for your child for many reasons:

  • Holy Trinity College is a Catholic, maintained school committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for each pupil to develop his / her unique talents to the full in a secure, caring environment.

  • A school where pupils are given every opportunity possible to excel in all that they do and benefit from their experiences with growing confidence.

  • High expectations with growing academic success.

  • A school environment which will inspire and encourage young people to succeed

  • We want you to enjoy your learning but you also have to take responsibility for your learning and discover how you can learn best.

  • A Rewards System in both Junior and Senior schools

  • A school that offers a wide range of academic and vocational subjects to cater for every need

  • Year 8 pupils will have an opportunity to combine Technology with Engineering, thereby developing high quality skills for future career pathways.

  • A vast array of extra-curricular activities

  • Opportunity for Pupils in Years 8, 9 & 10, and with a strong background in Irish language, to complete and achieve GCSE Irish qualification at the end of Year 10.

  • A caring school with positive relationships and excellent support structures in place for all pupils.

  • Specialised Nurture Provision assists with transition to Holy Trinity College: it prepares pupils for learning; develops social communication skills; and improves pupil wellbeing. 

  • The Learning Support Team will assist each pupil to develop at their own pace, to access a broad and balanced curriculum via a range of supports in literacy, numeracy, mentoring, small group work, one-one support, organisational skills, friendship building and so on.

  • IT technology for all – laptops, computers and I-Pads in the classroom

  • The College has recently opened a Sensory Room for pupils diagnosed with Autism, to provide sanctuary from the outside world, and to feel calm, supported and focused.  The SEN Department are working towards establishing an Autism Friendly School.

  • A community inspired by the Catholic faith, living out Gospel values and reflecting all traditions of our Irish Cultural Heritage

  • Above all, we want pupils to be safe, valued, nurtured and happy, to enjoy coming to school everyday and to be successful.



The above is only a snapshot of what our College is all about, but find out more by visiting our Website, requesting a Prospectus or contacting the College to speak to the Principal or Senior Staff.

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