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W.I.S.H Programme


Details of the programme can be found here -

Great News regarding The W.I.S.H Programme


An independent staff member within the University of Ulster School of Sport, not involved with the WISH Study, carried out the school randomisation and Holy Trinity College was randomly selected to be an INTERVENTION SCHOOL.


We are delighted that so many of our Key Stage 5 pupils signed up for the ‘Walk Leader Training’ which lasted 2 hours.


The team devised an indoor and outdoor walking route, for the Leaders to walk with the volunteers from Years 9 and 10.

The Seniors received complimentary Fitbits and a certificate of participation and were measured for their hoodies. They were delighted. Our juniors received water bottles and their walking endeavours will be rewards with other prizes.


Well done to all who participated in such an exciting new initiative.

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