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Departmental Staff


Mr A O'Hagan

Mr Adrian O’Donnell

Miss Chloe Curran

Technician: Mr Shane Hackett

Studying Technology and Design provides opportunities to tackle and resolve design and technological problems to meet human needs within a range of contexts, such as home, school, leisure, community, business and industry. Essentially, we are searching for better ways to do things, inventing solutions and taking risks.

KS3 Curriculum (Years 8, 9 and 10)


The central focus of technology and design at Key Stage 3 is the design and manufacture of products which require the use of energy to make them function. The programme of study is designed to enable pupils to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills which can be used in the design and manufacture of products which are meaningful to them. Technology and design is essentially a practical subject, therefore, it is anticipated that most learning will take place within the context of practical designing and manufacturing.


The chosen projects in Junior school are:


Year 8:

Desk Tidy

Steady Hand Game


Year 9:

Wooden Toy Train

Security Box


Year 10:

Toy Car

Night Light


GCSE Engineering


GCSE Occupational Studies Construction

TECH 3_edited.png


100% portfolio built over the two years.

KS4 Curriculum (Years 11/12)


GCSE Technology and Design 

TECH 2_edited.png
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