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Holy Trinity College had registered the school's interest in the EA Programme, R.E.A.C.H. - Resilience Education Assisting Change to Happen - Promoting Health and Well-being. The Programme was facilitated by Lisa McGurk.

We proceeded with 2 projects - one aimed towards pupils in KS3 and another KS5.

1. The first is a 6-week programme aimed at managing anxieties and building resilience.

2. The second is 'The Champion Programme.'

This is a 20-week Programme upskilling pupils in Year 13&14 to become Mental Health Champions to deliver programmes to small groups of pupils. There was Team-Building exercises, training in therapeutic and relaxation techniques as well as planning social action projects - one we have identified is connected to the new anti-bullying legislation where some of the Year 13/14 Champions can act as a buddy to pupils who we identify have been impacted by bullying.

Both programmes are ongoing and have been very successful in developing skills and supporting each one another.

Well done to the pupils who participated in the R.E.A.C.H (Resilience Education Assisting Change to Happen) programme to promote emotional health and well-being.  The programme concluded with an amazing trip to Woodhall Outdoor Learning Centre.  Holy Trinity College extends their thanks to Lisa McGurk for facilitating this worthwhile programme.  Next Wednesday, 1st December, we launch our Champion’s Programme with pupils in Years 13 and 14 who will begin their training to be Mental Health Champions supporting others in school.

R.E.A.C.H Programme

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