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Week 39

Week 39 – Friday 24th June 2022

Hello Everyone!

We are nearly there, although you certainly wouldn’t believe so with the amount of work ongoing this week! Whoever said ‘you’ll be winding down soon’! Not a chance!

Whilst there were many reward experiences for our pupils, eg, Newcomer trip, a lovely cultural breakfast, Stem Club Reward, Year 11 Reward, Public Speaking competition, Bake Off Challenge Year 8 Boys’ Football competitions ,and recognition of silverware for our Year 8 Girls Footballers,there were also the more detailed aspects of report writing, exam results feedback, review meetings, preparation for September and as scheduled, a busy week of GCSE & GCE Exams. Shared Education workshops also occurred in contrast to Year 8 Yoga and Mindfulness in the Nurture Centre – absolutely brilliant!.

Reading between the lines, I guess you could say we have positive news on the building front this week re the new school. In order to prepare boundaries and clear space for scaffolding etc. staff were informed to completely clear 12 mobile classrooms so that they could be relocated elsewhere on the premises. That is the fun bit! – elsewhere - panicking as to where, as every little space is being utilised! But I’ll leave that up to the Contractor to decide where.

So by the end of today, every book and resource was almost packed up and ready to move next week. It will be a busy few days but it will be worth it in the end.

All pupils finish today with regard to formal teaching due to the relocation of mobiles. Our young people are tired and equally, so are our staff, so knowing that the holidays are very close is a welcome thought.

PS Don’t forget to buy your tickets for ‘Blue Belle’ and support our Agriculture Club.

Have a great weekend!

Isabel Russell