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Week 39

Week 39 – Wednesday 30th June 2021

Hello Everyone!

It is the last day of Term and of this academic year. What a year it has been – a mixture of ups and downs.

Despite the interruptions with Covid, I look back on this year and I am reminded how privileged I am to be working with such a brilliant staff who have supported our amazing girls and boys throughout this tumultuous year. We have celebrated the successes of our pupils as best as we could this year and we certainly hope that Years 12 – 14 and not forgetting Year 11 GCSE Maths Group, will get the results they deserve in August via the Centre Determined Grades process. This has been quite a daunting task, and especially for staff! Years 8 – 11 have also worked extremely hard in their recent assessments and their reports were forwarded via Parent App on Monday.

It has been a challenging year; health and safety has been a priority; pupils and staff isolating; carrying out the curriculum as much as possible; and looking after the health and well-being of our pupils and staff – all very important areas. To all staff in the College, a massive THANK-YOU for your commitment and support to our pupils and to each other.

We hope there will be as near a return to normality in September as there can be and the College is planning our return on that basis. We await information from DENI/EA in mid-August to see if any changes are required.

There is much communication arriving daily from CCEA regarding Examinations for 2022. There is a desire for Exams to run as normal next year and at this stage we know that many subjects have reduced unit content. Whatever happens, hopefully we will have the full picture in advance of September so that teaching can commence appropriately. We will wait and see!

We look forward to a number of Summer Schemes for Years 8 & 9 and our new Year 8 pupils. I am confident the children will gain so much from each of these Schemes.

Parents/Guardians, your kind words, encouragement and positivity during the past year has been very much appreciated. Thank you, and of course to our pupils who have kept us focused, motivated and engaged, and for whom the College is all about.

I also wish to thank the Board of Governors for their diligent work, advice and commitment in support of the College – they have had enough TEAMS Meetings for this year!

Thank you for keeping up to date with me on my Blog – I look forward to returning in the new School Year!

Have a restful, safe and pleasant Summer and please look after yourselves.

Bye for now

Isabel Russell

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