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Week 37

Friday 14 June 2024


Hello Everyone!


Internal Exams finished mid-week – well done everyone.  I am confident, results will be very good. Your hard work will have paid off.  Marking and the completion of reports will be next on the agenda but all will be completed before the end of Term – Team work at its best!


The Year 12 and Year 14 Leavers’ Tops were distributed on Tuesday – they look lovely – well done to the Business Department, and especially Kate and Ruairi who designed the winning tops – great entrepreneurs.


A highlight this week was the Key Stage 3 trip to London.  It’s been quite a few years since we have been able to run this trip - the competition for places was vast and sadly, names had to be pulled out of the hat with  a few disappointments!!  With an early start on Tuesday, the pupils and staff had an absolute ball!  For many pupils, this was their first time in London or first time away – and their behaviour and manners were impeccable.  Huge thanks to the staff (Mrs Magee, Mrs Coleman, Mr Mc Gartland, Mr O’ Neill and Mr Litter) who gave their time to accompany the pupils and create many memories to last a lifetime.


Year 8 pupils due to join the College in September and their parents attended a Transition Induction evening last night for the class of 2031! Why, I hear you ask?  Well, after completing 7 years at the College, they will leave with their heads held high and a quality education consisting of GCSE and A Level qualifications, but also as well-rounded people with great confidence and self-worth.


A huge thanks to Miss Rafferty who helped to set the scene for September and put everyone at ease. The move to Post Primary School can be exciting but also perhaps, a little daunting, and we need to ensure that the transition process is as smooth as possible.  I highly recommend boys and girls, that you attend the Transition Summer Scheme which runs from 12th – 16th August. Information on the Scheme will be released on Monday 17th.




Holy Trinity College welcomes an inclusive and diverse range of cultures and ethnicities.  Yesterday, we celebrated our diversity with a cultural breakfast including a range of foods and national dress.  A truly lovely morning.




Enjoy your weekend


Isabel Russell


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