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Week 36

Week 36 – Wednesday 1st June 2022

Hi everyone!

1st June already – where has the academic year gone to? Mind you, the weather needs to realise we are in the summer season but there’s time yet!.

A short week but so much achieved. Year 8 had their Health Appraisals and our Drama GCSE pupils performed extremely well in their practical exam. Well done to everyone involved.

You may recall some time ago, a number of pupils presenting on a future mode of transport, aka HTC Eco Traveller. Well, lo and behold, they won the competition – Young Enterprise Innovation 2021 challenge, where innovative ideas with regard to sustainable living and the reduction of carbon emissions were required. Fantastic achievement for the pupils and also to their teachers under the watchful eye of Mr Mc Stocker, Head of IT Department.

And that’s it for this week – enjoy the extended Bank Holiday weekend and make time for yourself to relax.

Take care

Isabel Russell