• Isabel Russell

Week 36

Week 36 – Friday 11th June 2021

Hello Everyone!

It has been a very busy week with internal Assessments for Years 8 – 11. I must congratulate our pupils as they have worked so hard this term and they definitely deserve to do well in their assessments. The assessments continue until next Thursday 17th June, so thorough preparation and full attendance is key. Remember: Every lesson counts!

It is terrific to have some of our Key Stage 3 Football Teams resume to the football field with a number of challenge matches along the way. Good luck everyone in your respective teams.

Some subjects associated with English Examination Boards are still finalising Centre Determined Grades before final submission on 18 June. There has been so much work covered by both staff and pupils to determine final grades, so hopefully there will be no concerns/queries on results’ day.

I was delighted to see so many of our Year 13 students participate in Interviews for positions associated with Senior Prefects for 2021 – 2022. The students were very articulate, spoke passionately about their role and the importance of pupil voice within the College – very competitive. We await the outcome of the Interviews next week.

Finally, Good Luck to all Primary 7 pupils as you receive notification of your Post Primary School tomorrow morning (Saturday) – I hope you get the school of your choice!

Have a lovely weekend

Isabel Russell

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