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Week 35

Friday 31st May 2024


Hello there!


It’s hard to believe this is the last day of May! GCSE and A Level Exams are ongoing but what has happened to the usual sunshine weather at this time of year? But, 1st June is here tomorrow – a month to focus on being happier and kinder together.


At the moment we anticipate Strike Action by non-teaching staff to occur on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th June. All arrangements have been forwarded and school will operate as best as possible.  Should there be any changes over the weekend, we will let you know immediately. It is important that we support our non-teaching staff in their EA Pay and Grading Review. 


We pride ourselves in well-established Shared Education Initiatives with Cookstown High School – a partnership which has been working collaboratively for many years. On Tuesday, pupils from both schools visited Stormont Buildings as part of NI Assembly Educational Visit. It was a great opportunity to talk about a range of issues such as Health, Education and the Environment. Thanks to Mrs Mc Sorley and Mrs Mc Elhinney for providing this experience for our Year 10 pupils.






It was with great delight that the Gardening Club became active again and they are in the throes of their flowerbed competition under the theme of Irish Mountains.  The skills which this type of work generates cannot be underestimated.  We look forward to the final designs and are very aware of the hard work and commitment involved by everyone.


10 MTR had quite an experience today when they took part in the 80th D-Day Anniversary Celebrations at Killymoon Castle.  This was a great opportunity to find out about what happened all those years ago on the beaches of Normandy, and about the many US personnel stationed in Cookstown.


Thanks to the many parents who presented to the Autism NI Information Session on Tuesday evening.  We hope you found it useful, and also an opportunity to network and share ideas and concerns.  We intend to develop this Forum in the near future and continue to be well prepared and fully inclusive in supporting our young people and families with Autism.


Check out our Facebook page re P5 & P6 Summer Scheme to run from 22nd – 26th July and the Year 8 Transition Scheme, running from 12th – 16th August - lots of activities and fun in store. Count yourself in!


Don’t forget – Summer Exams begin on Tuesday 4th June.  Work hard and be proud of your success.        


Have a great weekend


Isabel Russell





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