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Week 32

Week 32 – Friday 14th May 2021

Hi Everyone!

It was a busy staff day today with the collation and scrutiny of CCEA ‘A’ Level Grades. Staff and students have worked extremely hard in the past few weeks and months and we certainly hope the students will get the grades they are so deserving of. Year 14, there is nothing more you can do at this stage, so relax and reflect on how good life has been for you and get ready to embark on the next stage of your career.

Lots of smiling faces greeted everyone on the corridors this week as Years 8 – 10 were moving around classrooms and enjoying practical activities – cooking, science experiments, playing African drums and so on. What a difference this has made! We are so delighted to be at this stage and hopefully it will continue. We even had the extreme of Years 10 & 11 receiving their injections to Year 8 Boys training for the Dr Long Cup – A day in the life of students in Holy Trinity College!

Congratulations to our past pupil Ronan Conlon who completed his ‘Walk for Cancer’ from Dublin to Belfast – a fantastic achievement Ronan and the staff were so delighted to be able to donate to this very worthwhile cause.

And the debate still continues with regard to Transfer for Primary 7 pupils. Everyone has their personal opinion – every child is different, develops and matures at different times. Are these Tests necessary? Have our children not been through enough both this year and last? A child will succeed no matter what school they attend and if they are determined to do so. In Holy Trinity College, pupils are challenged in both academic and applied subjects; our pastoral care is second to none; there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer; specialist staff are committed to ensuring pupils succeed; and Exam Results are outstanding. We are so proud of every young person who enters our doors and makes a success of themselves after 7 years of hard work. Be proud of yourselves girls and boys.

Have a brilliant weekend

Isabel Russell

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