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Week 32

Friday 12th May 2023


Hi there!


Exam season has started – with last minute advice to our students in how to prepare and do their very best. It is quite a heavy Exam timetable for Years 11 – 14 students.  With this in mind, we have organised specialist revision sessions prior to each exam.  Student attendance is crucial at these revision sessions. The revision and study is over to them now and we know that with guidance from their teachers, support and encouragement from their parents/guardians, along with daily prayer to God, they will do extremely well. Good Luck everyone!


Congratulations to Megan Britton who designed a promotional advert for the College and was selected as a winner via The Irish News Media Project - fabulous Megan – well done!


A little reflection from our Year 12 Mass for Examinations held yesterday.




Make your life the best it can be..


“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life.  The pen is in your hand, but the lines will not all be written the way you choose; some will come from the world and the circumstances that surround you. But for the many things that are in your control, Remember this…..


The secret of life is in making your story as beautiful as it can be.  Write the diary of your days and fill the pages with words that come from the heart. As the pages take you through time, you will discover paths that will add to youhappiness and your sorrows, but if you can do these things, there will always be hope in your tomorrows.


Follow your dreams. Work hard. Be kind. This is all anyone could ever ask: do what you can to make the door open on a day that is filled with beauty in some special way.  Remember: goodness will be rewarded. Smiles will pay you back. Have fun. Find strength. Be truthful. Have faith. Don’t focus on things you lack. Realise that people are the treasures in life and happiness is the real wealth.  Have a diary that describes how you are doing your best, and…..


The rest will take care of itself”.


Have a lovely weekend.


Isabel Russell

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