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Week 28

Week 28 – Friday 16th April 2021

Hello Everyone!

It is brilliant to be back in full swing, with all Year Groups attending and returning to some form of normality. Every pupil has been brilliant this week and it was great to catch up with them and how they managed during this recent school closure. My goodness – how some have grown!! But we’ll do our best to get some pre-loved uniforms, no longer required, and kit you out in school uniform.

The Ice-cream, lollipops and doughnuts went down a treat for Years 8,9 and 10. And of course, the pupils deserved them!

Huge congratulations to Year 12 student Cara Monaghan who made the headlines this week with the release of the song Gham Be Haya in collaboration with the Afghan Women’s Orchestra, in association of her work via the charity Beyond Skin. Sadly since recording the song, the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan, has banned girls older than 12 from singing in public areas. The campaign #IAmMySong has been launched to reverse this decision. We are so proud of Cara and everything she has done. Music is such a communication tool and everyone should be allowed to express themselves via their own style of music and song.

There is a huge focus this term on Years 11–14 who are working hard to complete all work in advance of final Centre Determined Grades. We have every confidence in every student presenting work to the best of their ability, and wish them all the best during future assessment blocks. What a difficult two years it has been for them all. Our students deserve the highest praise possible for how positive and resilient they are at present.

Whilst a little windy, it was still great to take advantage of the sunshine this week and have pupils outside and engaged in many sporting activities. Thanks also to David Mawhinney from Hutchinson Foods, who spoke to Years 11 and 13 Agriculture Group re Key Nutrition Facts. Life is getting back to normal with guest speakers and extra-curricular activities resuming. Hopefully, it continues this way!

Enjoy your weekend!

Isabel Russell

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