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Week 11

Friday 25th November 2022

Hi there

Absolutely delighted to be able to send 104 Shoeboxes to Ukraine. Huge efforts by Dr Almeida-Mc Killion and our students. Thank you to our families and community for making this possible. So many other children will have smiles on their faces on Christmas morning.

It has been a phenomenal competition in KS3 and our winners of the National Poetry Day Competition were announced during the week. What a success!. Based on the theme: ‘The Environment’, Megan, Jacob and Sophie are certainly aspiring poets of the future.

Exam students have been an absolute credit this week as they completed Science and English Exams. The school day extended to 4.30pm every day to ensure that students were well prepared. Year 11 also sat their first GCSE Exam in Biology as part of their Double Award Science Qualification. Thanks to our Canteen staff who provided a free breakfast every morning for these hard-working pupils. More GCSE Exams next week!

Don’t forget girls and boys, the Christmas Exam period commences Monday 12th December. Revision booklets are on the website. Prepare well and be proud of your success.

Have a lovely weekend.

Isabel Russell


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