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Department Staff

Mrs M Toal 

Mrs S Lagan

Mrs M Monaghan


Information about the Media department


The Media department is committed to providing pupils with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding within the Media sector. It is our aim to enable pupils to investigate areas of specific interest within the Media sector and to provide them with opportunities to link their learning to the world of work in relevant and engaging ways. We also aim to support the development of pupils’ thinking skills and personal capabilities.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, Media Studies is taught within English at Holy Trinity College. Pupils have the opportunity to analyse both still and moving images. They learn to recognize different film genres and focus on how film narratives are structured. They also learn how to ‘read’ a film by identifying shot types and the effect they have.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At Key Stage 4, pupils are given the opportunity to complete BTEC Level 2 Award in Creative Digital Media Production. The course enables pupils to develop their understanding of the key stages involved in the creation of digital media products. Pupils also have the opportunity to produce a moving image product and digital publishing product.







Key Stage 5 Curriculum

At Key Stage 5, pupils are given the opportunity to complete the BTEC level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production. The Media course allows pupils to develop their understanding and knowledge of the media business.  They explore the diverse scope of the industry and gain the hands – on practical skills needed for the world of work. The course offers the pupils the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding in specialist areas of Media. (Print based media)





















Extra-Curricular Activities

Many extra-curricular activities are promoted within the Media department. Pupils are provided with opportunities to:

  • Work alongside a professional photographer

  • Attend ‘Cinemagic’ film festival events

  • Take part in script writing workshops

  • Attend screenings of films

  • Visit the local newspaper offices

  • Work with professionals from the AmmA centre, Armagh.

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