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Departmental Staff:

Miss E. Conlon (Head of Department)

Miss A Rafferty

Mission Statement


“As a department we promote engagement with the curriculum in a fun and challenging way. We place importance on the highest possible levels of achievement for all our students to enable them to compete in a global market place where the acquisition of languages is viewed as an essential skill by universities and employers.”



Key stage 3 (Year 8, 9 and 10)

Year 8

Term 1: Moi

Term 2: La famille

Term 3: Chez moi

Year 9

Term 1: Au collége

Term 2: Manger et boire

Term 3: les loisirs

Year 10

Term 1: La géographie

Term 2: Languages for Life and Work (CEIAG)

Term 3: En ville


GCSE French- CCEA examination board


There are four units in the examination:


French listening paper – 25% of the final grade


Foundation level – 35 minute paper (including 5 minutes reading time)


Higher level – 45 minute paper (including 5 minute reading time)

This paper will be examined in May/June of Year 12


French Reading Paper - 25% of the final grade.


Foundation level- 50 minute paper


Higher level- 1 hour paper

This paper will be examined in May/June of year 12


French speaking: Examination- 25% of the final grade.

(No tier of entry; differentiation by outcome)

All students complete the same level and can access the maximum marks for this unit.

Examination in March/April – Year12


French writing paper: 25% of final grade.

Foundation: 1 hour

Higher: 1 hour, 15 minutes

May/June Year 12 

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