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Department Staff:

Ms D.McGorrey - HOD

Ms B. Geraghty

Mr P. McGartland

Ms C. Curran

Mr S Forker

Ms L. Lennon

Mr M. Donnelly


Holy Trinity College place a high value on preparing young people for the world of work.  Education for Employability involves a broadening and deepening of current careers provision.  It is important because it can deliver necessary skills and personal qualities, knowledge, understanding and attitudes to help pupils prepare for the world of work.


Employability is timetabled as a discrete subject in Year 8 and Year 9.  All Year 10 pupils receive CEIAG lessons.


At Key Stage 3, the Education for Employability strand focuses on three themes:

·         Work in the Local and Global Economy

Exploring work in the Local and Global Economy allows young people opportunities to investigate the impact of the global market on Northern Ireland and to reflect on the implications for their personal career planning.

·         Career Management

The concept of career is changing, moving away from the likelihood of a job for life to the expectation that individuals will experience several career changes throughout their lives.  Exploring Career Management provides opportunities for young people to investigate future careers.  It also teaches the importance of lifelong learning, self-marketing and effective personal career planning.

·         Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship provides opportunities for young people to investigate the need for employers and employees to demonstrate creativity and enterprise. It also allows them to identify and practise some of the skills and develop the attributes associated with being enterprising.

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