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Departmental Staff


Mrs A Hyndman

Mrs M Monaghan

Mrs Skelton-McKenna

Mrs M Toal

Mrs M Tracey


Information about the Drama department


The Drama department aims to develop the pupils’ personal interest in Drama. Pupils are provided with opportunities to work imaginatively to develop ideas. They are encouraged to develop their practical, creative and performance skills through engagement in a wide range of Drama activities.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum (Years 8, 9 and 10)


At Key Stage 3 pupils focus on the development of their performance skills. Pupils take part in practical activities aimed at improving their confidence and communication skills. Topics range from Musical theatre (Matilda) to Masks (Mime and Exaggeration).


Key Stage 4 Curriculum (Years 11/12)


At Key Stage 4 pupils are offered the chance to study GCSE Drama. The exam board is CCEA. The following components are covered during the two years.


Additional Information

Strategies used in Drama


A wide range of strategies are utilised within the Drama classroom. These include:


  • Hot Seating

  • Conscience Alley

  • Through tracking

  • Freeze – frame

  • Roleplay

  • Tableau

  • Role reversal

  • Cross cutting

  • Mantle of the expert (narrating)

  • Role on the wall

  • Forum theatre

  • Improvisation

  • Framing the moment





A range of extracurricular activities are promoted within the Drama department including:


  • Visits to the theatre

  • Performances in the highly successful school shows

  • Dance/Drama club

  • Mask workshops

  • Lighting workshops

  • Drama theme-based workshops

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